Good reasons to join Norfolk First Credit Union



Norfolk First Credit Union accepts loan applications for provident and productive purposes. Each application is treated confidentially and considered on its merits.



Regular savings with Norfolk First is a simple way for members to grow funds for future loans or to budget for a special occasion. The more you save the more you will be allowed to borrow.



Free Loan Protection Insurance and Free Life Savings Protection are provided by Norfolk First Credit Union at no direct cost to our members.



Where saving is simple and borrowing is safe

Welcome to Norfolk First Credit Union – providing financial services to empower and
support members through life’s ups and downs. We are a rapidly growing Credit
Union, increasingly recognised as a valuable financial resource for people from all
walks of life.
Credit Unions are Financial Co-operatives, owned and run by their members with a
self-help ethos that enables members to save and borrow money to suit their own
personal budget and circumstances. We offer straightforward
savings accounts and affordable loans to our members. Membership costs just £2 and includes life insurance and loan protection.

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Opening Hours

Office Open
Tuesday, Wednesday

Email and telephone enquiries only.

Office Closed.
Monday & Friday

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